We are officially launching our YouTube channel. It's a very engaging adventure that takes us one step closer to you. We need to create content that interests you on a regular basis, we have to engage with you as we have never done before. As nobody has done in our industry yet.

What will you find on our YouTube channel?

The first videos you expect are tutorials or "discovery" episodes from our management software for telecom operators. You want to learn more about CFAST, how we deal with CDRs, how you can manage your fee schedules, charge recurring items, manage incident tickets or track your orders. We will give you access to these videos on request and invite you to contact us to receive the links. The application scope of our management solution is extensive, suitable for all telecom operators and can be integrated into the existing one. We will try to produce these videos over time. Knowing that a complete demonstration of CFAST will always be more powerful than thousands of images shot or hours spent on our channel. We hope that these videos will make you want to go further and join us.

You will also find videos about our company, they will usually be simple: a talk about a new feature or a partnership. We wish to be concise and clear about our vision of the S.I in a market in perpetual metamorphosis.

We are waiting for you on our channel and invite you to contact us to have access to the private videos.

Published on 03/06/2017