Rapid deployment to solve your billing difficulties

Whether you are a telecom operator, service operator, MVNO, MVNE, MVNA, an integrator / installer embarking on the provision of telecom services or a new entrant, CFAST will meet your primary need: bill and create added value.

The company DifficulTEL has several VoIP suppliers

It wants to free itself from the tools provided by its wholesalers and centralize the collection and processing of CDR on a single independent software.
We customize its CFAST. From training to publishing its documents (invoices, appendices, graphical reports, reminders, xml file for the samples), the company DifficulTEL will benefit from the following services:

Billing of fixed telephony, mobile, data, recurring, one-shot, technical intervention ...
Graphic Reports
Automated processing of CDR (multivendor)
Fraud alert
Accouting export
Monitoring and management of unpaid bills
Statistical reporting: suppliers, technologies, CDR volumetrics, various margins
Inventory management

DifficulTEL can focus on the essentials and create added value

the operator DifficulTEL will be able to concentrate on the important points of its business: the prospection, the marketing and the follow-up of its customers. CFAST will help provide quality service. DifficulTEL will also have the possibility to make available to its customers an extranet where they will be able to:

Retrieve their documents
Analyse their monthly consumption
Use a helpdesk
Get very detailed statistics (the whole structure, site by site, service by service ...)

Some statistics from the extranet

Stats CDR, analysis VoIP, mobile mvno