Since 2008, four alternative operators gathered in order to develop a software allowing them to manage their business (CDR, white-labelling, billing...).

CFAST, your tailored solution, was shaped few times later. With your CFAST, you can choose which features to activate depending on your business.
Everyday, we improve our solution and our team is always ready to listen to your needs if you desire new features.
Take advantage of our expertise and knowledge reunited in a software developed by and for experts.

Your CFAST is a comprehensive tool allowing you to work more serenely. Read more

Tailored settings

You can configure your CFAST as you desire. Choose among our different services the ones fitting your activity (operator, integrator, CCaaS, wholesaler, MVNO, MVNA, MVNE…).

Personnalized support

Our team delivers an individual support on the phone thanks to a direct line.

Easy to use

Your CFAST is designed to be simple and ergonomic.

Secured solution

Our team works everyday in order to provide you a secure service. Your CFAST alerts you if somethings wrong occures. Go to our "Service Level Agreement"

Full web

Your CFAST is 100% web, so you can work wherever you want.

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CFAST is shaped for companies selling their services to professionnals or individuals and/or needing to manage better their inventory. Our users are based all over the world :

Operators and resellers

CFAST manages all flows related to their business. They can administer their CDR, billings (numerical communications, IP, CENTREX, visio/audio conference, data) while they handle different situations (roaming, text messages, packages, subscipritions…).

Integrators and computer network installers

With CFAST they can handle their IT infrastructures while managing their inventory and its provisioning. They also have the possibility to offer a global service to their client with the integration of calls, unbundling, special numbers, SIP…


CFAST helps virtual mobile operators to manage their bundles, sim cards and also manage their CDR (roaming, RLaH...) on one interface.

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

CCaaS companies handle a large amount of CDR. Using CFAST helps them to be more productive and bill their client easily.


Every month CFAST generates millions of datas. Datas are treated, stocked and secured thanks to our algorithms. You just have to mind your business.










Deploying a new system is always worrisome for the user. Whether for CDR billing or provisioning systems, setting up the full system or just a few features, we follow strict procedures.

We carry out the deployments hand in hand between the account manager, the users and the customer service. Our knowledge of telecom operator business allows us to accompany you perfectly.

We set up your CFAST according to your rhythm and your constraints.

1. Analysis

You have already had a long discussion with your charge d'affaires. He knows your business, your structure and your projects perfectly. Everything is transmitted to the technique that can activate your account

2. Training

We provide training sessions according to your availability and assist you in the understanding and use of the tool

3. Data integration

We integrate your CDRs, connect you to the suppliers, create the connectors for the APIs, refine functionalities according to your needs.

4. Tailored configuration

We create your documents (invoices, schedules, reminders, export-accountants) or personalize the extranet. We take care of your systems, you take care of your job.

5. Kick-off

You are self-sufficient and start using the CFAST app on the entire delivered scope.

6. Follow-up

Our customer service is at your disposal if you have doubts about the use or questions. You also have a complete user guide.

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