What is "Roaming" ?

Roaming let you use your smartphone or tablet even if you operator network is unvailable. Thanks to it, you can call your friends, send SMS or MMS and even browse the web !

Roaming is expensive. We all experienced it while we were in holidays.

Today, the legislation changed for European Countries with "Roaming like at home".

For example : a french businessman travels in Spain. He can read his emails, send SMS and calls french colleagues for the same pricing he has in France. There is no roaming charges.
The reverse pattern also applies, if he receives a call from France, there will be no roaming charges for our businessman.

Warning, if this same French makes a call from Spain to Germany or another destination there will be additional charges. These will be those provided by the operator for a France - Germany call.

The thing to remember is that there is no longer any difference from where you are called. There remains a difference depending on the country of destination of the communication (voice, sms, MMS, data)

CFAST has taken into account these legal developments and facilitates the work of telecom operators in the management of their customers and their billing.

Published on 06/26/2017