Why SaaS is so popular ?

Today, companies do not escape all sorts of proposals "as a Service". The most famous is the SaaS, for software.

But what is actually SaaS?

Software vendors, in order to offer more flexibility to their users, offer remote access to business applications. The improvement of internet speeds and Cloud Computing have allowed this boom. Through a web and / or mobile interface, the user connects to the services without the need for additional installation or integration.The best known SaaS software is CRM or accounting, for example. The user can work wherever he wants, when he wants and the SaaS meets these new nomadic business needs. Better yet, business applications are easier to interconnect (via A.P.I.) but this is a topic that will be dealt with in another article.

SaaS solution publishers market their solutions through a monthly or annual fee as well as service access fees.

why do people love SaaS

What are the benefits from a SaaS solution?

A company with a SaaS solution necessarily finds its interest on several points, otherwise this distribution format would have been stillborn.

A lower cost
Acquiring software or internal development is extremely expensive. In the context of SaaS, the costs related to use and maintenance are relatively low. The company also benefits from a reduction in power consumption since its servers only consume 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Effective deployment
The solution editor has total control on its solutions as well as its installations, the deployment time is reduced. The publisher also takes care of the updates and the teams of the client have only to work without undergoing all the unexpected

Application resiliency
n case of a disaster at the client's office, employees will only need a computer and a connection to work. There is no downtime, no loss of data, the company remains operational in all circumstances.

Privacy policy
The publisher of the solution takes responsibility for the risk, which is contractualized. That is why it hires experts in this field. The customer, therefore, does not have to hire someone to protect the confidentiality of his data.

Customizing the solution
The company engaging with a SaaS solution publisher will be able to negotiate, modulate its contract and even ask for further developments. Subscriptions are also editable.

Customer service and support
The customer receives a customer service for all questions relating to the use of the software, but also in the event of a bug.

why do people fear SaaS

But what are the disadvantages of SaaS?

Interruption of services?
Businesses are concerned about the disruption of services that would challenge the resilience of the application. At CFAST, we have strict SLAs, available on our site.

Legal compliance?
Laws change and companies are subject to these laws. CFAST has a legal team attentive to legal developments and updates its application accordingly. You are always protected...

Companies are already equipped before switching to a SaaS solution. Specific applications will remain as they are. CFAST is "plug and play" and can be adapted to your needs (for example, the export account )

Data recovery?
In case of litigation, desire to change, companies want to quickly recover their data. This is why CFAST has an exit procedure as well as mass exports available at any time on the application.

If you still have doubts about using a SaaS solution, contact us to clear your doubts.

published on 25/10/2017