CFAST’s story begins in 2008. Four operators gathered and discussed about their business and incoming goals.
They decided to start a new projet and created a E.I.G named Gestion Systèmes Télécoms in order to develop THE managing solution which was not available.

After a period of thinking, sharing, and developments, CFAST sees the light. Since, it never ceased to work, neither satisfy our partners or clients.
Our adventure is written with operators, integrators, wholesalers or CCaaS. Our wealth has its source in the diversity of our customers and partners, because each one has its own approach to the telecom business.
More we go, more features are available, better CFAST is. Your solution is shapable ; everyone can pick, select, build his own CFAST according to his needs and budget. We innovate everyday to keep one step ahead of a sector in a perpetual motion.

Take advantage of our expertise and knowledge reunited in a software developed by and for experts. Together, we analyse each situation and establish a diagnosys. Then we set our tailored solution so it becomes yours.
Once set up, and through our collaboration, we stay by your side to support you, advise you and guide you to the best use of your CFAST thanks to a personalized telephone support.

We know that our partners and clients can have new needs. In that case, our team develop new features on demand.

Above all, CFAST remains a human adventure. Every day experts improve your CFAST so you can be more productive in confidence.


Our solution was developed by four partners based In Paris, Dijon and North of France.
CFAST is already used by operators through France, Belgium and Netherlands.


First phone operator dedicated to companies and professionals located in Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Tier One

Operator / integrator specializing in the deployment and operation of network infrastructure, hosting and Cloud Computing on behalf of telecom operators in France.


Established in North, his team is formed to changes in the equipment and services to always offer the best telecommunication system for your needs.

ONE OPérateur

ONE operator, telecommunications expert, the service is professional. Your sole interlocutor Telecom proposes a global offer including enterprise telephony, the internet pro and enterprise computing.

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