We build a strong relationship with our users. Rather they look for a CDR billing system, an automatic provisioning software or a strong added-value ecosystem, our commitment is to make them work in the best conditions.

We can set up CFAST on our user's servers. Otherwise, We offer all the guarantees they expect from a SaaS solution:

Security of exploitation

We make all necessary backups and store a copy of the backups. You will never lose your data.

Protected access

Access to server rooms is regulated and protected. Only a licensed team can go to the shelter.

Confidentiality of data

We take all reasonable steps to ensure the protection and confidentiality of data and hosted files. We contractually prohibit the communication and disclosure of information in our possession to third parties.

High-quality network architecture

We secured our architecture with the recruitment of experts and put in place data redundancy tools.

Secured facilities

The power supply is wavy and rescued. We have also put in place all the heating, ventilation and under-floor cables.

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