We decided to enter in a new era and wanted to revitalize our visual. CFAST is the french acronym for : Ordering and Billing to Telephone Service Subscriptions..

We also defined a thicker typography to mark our solidity. This is what our partners are looking for and why they trust us.

CFAST was born 8 years ago and has never stopped working since.

We have also affixed a baseline: "LEADS TO SUCCESS"

Our goal is to help you manage your business and succeed. If you are a new entrant, we wish to accompany you in the growth of your activity. If you are a well-established company, our features can replace the existing one or increment to offer you more possibilities. "LEADS TO SUCCESS" is naturally located above our logo. We have never seen success down, and you?

Moreover, the keys to your success lie in your work, your talent and your S.I. Our team works and develops new features every day. In search of the smallest ergonomic until the customized development, our engineers anticipate the needs and satisfy the demands. Our support department also supports you in your use, allowing you to work with serenity.

Solidity, development and trust in a common future inspired us and allowed us to create this logo, simple and effective, like CFAST.

Published on 02/16/2017