Interconnect your CFAST to your partner's

As you know, a telecom operator can evolve its CFAST according to its needs, its growth but also its projects. An operator using his CFAST for billing can request the extra extranet module, or provisioning, or wholesales ... It does not matter.

An operator can also interconnect with his partner's CFAST.

The company DifficulTEL is getting closer to another operator to provide services:

Negotiations are done on the products, the prices, the deadlines but also on the procedure. Sur ce dernier point, both operators realize that they have the chance to benefit, each, from their CFAST.

They are asking us to connect their CFASTs. They will be able to do orders, make ticketing interconnected. The resold and harvested CDRs will be automatically distributed among CFASTs. In short, the management between each of the two operators will be easier, faster. It is a considerable saving of time.

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