Your Cloud information system

The company DifficulTEL is looking for an information system developed by a reliable, experienced and responsive service provider able to meet the needs of market players with a Cloud solution, scalable, creative value-added, saving time and rapid deployment .

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We will configure its custom-made CFAST for automatic provisioning

We interconnect its CFAST with its suppliers so that the company DifficulTEL can order and manage its lines on its CFAST.
The operator will not have to navigate on his providers' extranet. Everything is centralized: orders and returns. The teams of DifficulTEL can follow the deployment and the life of lines / links with ease.

The company DifficulTEL will also be able to manage all kinds of projects thanks to the modules made available (Events, putting into production, production of elements ...). Its teams will also be able to manage incidents thanks to the trouble ticketing features: track returns, GRT, assign attachments ... everything is simplified so that its employees gain in productivity.

Personalized IT management (inventory)

The CFAST of the operator will allow him to manage his computer park: follow-up of inputs and outputs, stock statuses, actual values, serial numbers, where is the hardware, installation procedures, firmware, sim cards ...

When a material will be assigned to a customer, it will be automatically removed from stock with a serial number (lease / sale dry), according to the rules set up by DifficulTEL, low-level alert notifications.

If there is, for one reason or another, a change of firmware in a hardware, the technical teams of the company DifficulTEL receive a notification with all the materials on which it is necessary to make an update. It is a considerable time saver for these and the assurance of providing a quality service to its customers.

CDR processing and billing with ease

The CFAST of DifficulTEL will also automatically process the CDRs of its suppliers, value them according to its price schedules, its packages and transcribe the billing on each of its customers.

DifficulTEL will also be able to create bundles with its Internet, mobile, IT and service offerings. Its CFAST will make the links and get closer to the marketing offers set up by the company DifficulTEL. In just a few clicks, CFAST will bill customers, calculate commissions, create the picking file and the accounting export to integrate the information in the accounting software. CFAST also monitors the balance of payments and relaunches customers in one click.

Added value

The company DifficulTEL will benefit, thanks to its CFAST real gains for its customers. It will be able to extract detailed consumption statistics, provide a client extranet, but it will also be alerted in case of suspicion of piracy and avoid the financial disaster to its customers.

Fraud alerts
Extranet Client (statistics, documents recovery, helpdesk...)
Profitability Analysis by Package

Detailed reporting to steer its activity

CFAST will cross all the possible information so that its users can control their activity:

Overall profitability analysis
Profitability analysis by client
Profitability Analysis by Package
Reporting on billing periods
Reporting on Bundles
Reporting by provider
Statistics on CDR consumption by supplier
Driving dashboard

The company DifficulTEL has as many reporting possibilities as functionalities, is not worried about the maintenance of its SII, developments, servers, it can work in the best conditions and get off the ground.

Create a wholesale ecosystem with its resellers

The company DifficulTEL also wishes to make available its services for other operators (resellers).

It can simply provide a sub-CFAST, chartered to its colors, to its dealers. His last ones will be able to order the services provided by DifficulTEL directly from their CFAST, as well as to declare tickets. They will benefit from the same functions of stock management, invoicing, extranet, reporting to manage their customers.

You can, also, select your features and shape your CFAST according to your needs.