Case Study: Creating Added Value with CFAST

The telecom operator business is becoming more competitive.

There is almost no barrier to entry and new entrants are launched every day. A client asks his host to provide the link, then the voice ... A bureauticien wants to add a new string to his bow ... A communication agency is positioned on this niche by saying that the "phone, pre-stitched, music expectations ... it's our business! ".

No matter in which business world your company is navigating, providing a quality service or product is no longer enough. Customers, partners, customers or prospects are always waiting for more and will eventually turn to service with the highest added value. They will, of course, be willing to pay more if they meet. In telecoms, a sector in perpetual metamorphosis, where incumbents, alternative operators and new entrants cooperate while pulling each other, the ranges of prices, products and services are more or less the same. Of course, pricing elements differ here and there but on the French territory it would not be difficult to find two operators with the same offers.

So how to differentiate?

To stand out in the middle of this jungle, you will have to offer a service that goes beyond expectations.

Offer accompaniment

Let's not forget that this job, despite its easy access, remains very technical.

Your salespeople are usually confronted with neophytes. They need explanations on the technical characteristics of what you offer them. Imagine that the words Centrex or Qos resonate in their head as easily as the concepts of nemo auditur or ab intestat for non-lawyers.

Take the time to explain, to support what will allow you to create a relationship of trust with your future client.

Make tailor-made offers

Each prospect, customer, is different and we are all aware of it. The operator will have to make an effort to adapt to his needs while respecting his margins.
There are few service providers to buy from only one supplier.

By drawing on the various offers to which it has access, the white label operator will be able to meet the customer's expectations. However, if he is not equipped with an adequate tool, it will be difficult for him to correctly track his purchases, his margins, his counter-invoicing, to have indicators on his best services and suppliers.

CFAST allows telecom operators to industrialise the tailor-made while enjoying detailed reporting, from several angles, to steer its business.

Set up a personnalized customer service

ou multiply the tailor-made as fast as your customer acquisition. However, they always consider themselves, and rightly, as unique. They do not wish to be a simple number. The telecom operator is normally provided with a customer service. Customer service needs to be equipped to meet expectations in the most efficient way.

Example of a mobile form

We know the supplier here (Sewan in this case)
All the key information of the mobile line is available (commitment date, sim, PUK code ...)
Incidents are also referenced at the bottom of the form.
The information is centralized and accessible in two clicks.

Your customer service can thus really and quickly accompany via the centralization of all the elements of your customers.

mvno service client

Protect your clients and be responsive

Your customers, again uninitiated in most cases, do not imagine that being hacked is possible.

It's up to you to be a pedagogue again, and to explain the different cases of piracy. You can read our dedicated article here . Your CFAST provides you with fraud detection systems in near real time that will allow you to be reactive.

This feature will allow you to add a marketing offer to your bow. "We take care of your telephony and you protect and promise to prevent the bleeding. "

Provide legible invoices and give access to analysis tools

Professionals especially need readability on their invoices. Some no longer understand the grids provided by operators, have separate invoices for their various products and services with dozens of annexes, they receive it only by paper and can lose it. All this weighed down the management of the company for leaders who are already crumbling under the paperwork and complex administrative procedures, convulsed by technocrats who have never led a VSE / SME. Today, professionals are dreaming that of one thing: a single bill, a legible appendix and they will eventually look at their details of calls.

They especially want a personal space to find all the documents that have been received. But they want more.

In the digital age, we have all become fond of statistical tools. Knowing that today the least action is quantifiable, that our children make ratios of their posts on social networks (Likes / number of views). It is normal that professionals, accessing a technological service as VoIP (Trunk SIP, Centrex) want to have tools to manage their activity through their service provider.

They want to find this data in a readable space, accessible at any time.

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Published on 04/10/2018