An API : definition

Defining the very concept of API, before approaching those of CFAST and our projects, seems essential. Although the telecom community is technical, highlighting key concepts is important for a better understanding of all.

API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. It is a package developed by the software publisher so that others can connect to it. In other words, it is an access door of a publisher on his know-how.
An authorized third party can open the door and connect to the API. Once this first step has been taken, the software connected to each other will have all the time to exchange data.

Today, it is difficult to accommodate and commercialize B2B software without an API. A large part of the companies are already equipped and only wish to improve their existing ones Tilting tens of thousands of pieces of data from one piece of software to another is complicated, time-consuming and therefore expensive. Unless there are no other solutions (existing software obsolete for example), the company will prefer to host the new features at home. The latter therefore keeps its base and plugs ( by means of some developments so that its existing one hosts the data / functionalities of the software of the editor).

What will be the scope of our API ?

We deliver our first APIs in this month of January 2018 and they will cover:

Customer Files :
You will be able to have the information answered between your CRM (for example) and your CFAST. You will not have double entry
Automatic provisioning modules: .
You will then be able to place your orders at your suppliers via your existing interface. Our APIs will allow you to access these bricks.

The APIs evolve along with the software and the bricks not covered by the API will be developed during 2018.

Why do CFAST APIs only arrive now?

As mentioned in the introduction, a software publisher can not do without API if it wants to offer its services to businesses. CFAST was originally designed for the needs of telecom operators nine years ago. The actual commercialization of our software was born in September 2016. Our engineers therefore had to do some background work to offer APIs and review CFAST in depth.

We are proud to offer you our know-how in this form. Dozens of operators in France and Europe trust us, why not you?

Published on 01/23/2018