3 days in Las Vegas, our feedback

Once again, the CES has kept all its promises in 2018. The show no longer has to prove its impact on the market as well as its visibility. The attentive follower will have noticed that what was in the spotlight, again, was the Smart Home or mobility with autonomous cars. All towed by the IoT. The future is already connected and the actors multiply innovations in this direction. These three days on site were, for our emissaries, a step in the future.

However, our lucky ones who made the trip do not wish to dwell on the novelties proposed by the show. You will read, or have already read, articles or other content on what will make the buzz in 2018. There are two trends that should be remembered: one on the trade of operator and the other on the strength of French companies .

Telecom operators have to diversify their offers

The first, and certainly the one that interests you the most if you follow our blog, is the general trend for telecom operators. The market is today hyper-competitive, integrators, installers, web hosts, printing companies are turning to the operator business to expand their service offerings. Obviously, operators tend to provide new services by going to the path of hosting, office automation ... The watchword is always the single bill for the business customer who will no longer have to multiply technical contacts. It is therefore necessary to diversify, to reinvent itself, knowing that the job of operator is more and more easy to access (just a supplier and equip you with your CFAST).

At CES, the trend is at the Smart Home, certainly, but also at the Smart Office. Many start-ups and companies offer solutions to make office life easier, more fun or more productive. You will find services to facilitate requests, new tools for video or unified communication, presence management systems or data security ... These are services that integrate easily with an almost daily use. Telecom operators, who work in a sector where margins are minimal, will have to look into these new services to identify what could meet the expectations of their customers. Proposing fiber and VoIP will not be enough, industrialize the tailor also no more, this business will tend to corporate concierge: you have a connection problem? it's the operator. Do you have a problem accessing the servers? it's the operator. Do you need tools on data security? it's the operator.

Examples can multiply, but propose innovative and connected solutions is it not the very business of operator?

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It's no secret, but France has clearly become one of the major players in our connected world.

Our country represented the third contingent behind, unsurprisingly, the US and China. With more than 300 French startups at CES supported by French Tech, our blue-white-red brains were the world's second-largest start-up organization. You will find, here and there, articles denouncing the quantity at the expense of quality. Certainly, there are sensitivities that make certain innovations, or products, more or less interesting to the visitor. But what must be remembered is that France has quality engineers and their products are considered as such. In a country that voted for the "start-up nation", this desire of our entrepreneurs to go and compare their know-how to the global market may, at first sight, be good news. Witness the presence of Mounir Majoubi, Secretary of State for Digital, as well as some of the Presidents of the Region, who made the trip to sit the French strike force and the promotion of our regions. Everyone spoke on the first night of the show, in a room gathering the Francophonie and de facto conquered

Be careful not to downplay the role of the state behind this Napoleonic invasion and all the help provided. The budget for exhibiting at CES can quickly explode, these helps create a place for our companies to show its expertise to the world and create an emulation around our country.

Will this strategy pay off? We will know it in the near future.

Published on 01/19/2018